Sports betting is almost as popular among sports fan as the games they are betting against. They bet on everything from what the end score will be to who will throw the longest distance. People even bet on what player statistics will be by the end of the playing seasoning, and just like with any other betting, it is important you are using a platform that you trust.

10bet.com is an online betting website that will keep your money safe and secure. It will allow you to place your bet on any sport you wish, and then sit back and enjoy the game. There is no need to worry about your bets ever again.

Key Features


10bet.com gives new members a 100% bet match up to 50 euros. This will allow you to place a higher bet than you might have originally and get a higher return. They also offer promotions for existing members throughout the year as well. These promotions and bonuses are used to entice members to bet more, but if you win, you’ll get a higher return for less.

Online Casino

They also offer online casino games. You can play against other members and chat with them, or you could play arcade and slot games. If you don’t enjoy the crowds at the casino but like to play the games, then this might be a great solution for you. You can place real bets and win real money.

The online casino also offers promotions to its members periodically. You can get bet matches and free plays. They also offer some games that can only be found on their website. It doesn’t matter if you like traditional casino games or want something a little different. 10bet.com has it all.

Noteworthy Weaknesses

Limited Support

Having a customer support that is always ready to answer your questions and fix your problems is very important when you are investing your money with a website. Their customer service is easy to reach, but they have a hard time refunding money quickly or fixing money issues. They also won’t be able to do a lot of things to fix your problems after business hours.


  • Promotions & bonuses
  • Online Casino
  • Bet matching


  • Limited customer support