The Biggest E-Sports Games And How To Bet On Them

Sports betters across the world saw a massive change to their industry just a few years ago with the introduction and incredible rise to the notoriety of e-sports. E-sports are similar to normal sports in that they’re both competitive games that require a large degree of skill in said sport. The biggest difference is that e-sports are online and occur in the virtual world while traditional sports are physical activities. This means that there are new factors to take into account and an entire industry for sports gamblers to dive into and learn. E-sports can range from first-person shooters (FPS) to multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs). They’re all played differently and will look nothing alike. But, there are thousands of competitive games that you could classify as an e-sport. The most popular of them all are the ones that you’re able to bet on. So, what are the biggest e-sport games and how do you bet on them? Don’t worry, … Read more

20 Betting Tips And Tricks To Win Your Bet Sports Betting

If you want to make money from gambling, sports betting is your best bet. Sure, poker, blackjack, craps, and slots all have their place in a gambler’s heart, but they aren’t consistent. Everyone knows that the house always wins. Even if you’re up, you know that you’ll be down eventually. However, sports betting is a game of statistics. Yes, there are upsets and things can always take a turn for those worse. But, with sports betting, you’ll likely have more control over your own money. Their world of sports betting isn’t vague, it’s extremely specific. There are many sites to use, sports to be on, and a variety of betting methods. If you’re new to the game, it can be frustrating to not know the best ways to play. Betting tips and tricks are always useful, and you should be constantly on the hunt to improve your play whenever you can. With that in mind, I’ve created this guide to … Read more

How Casinos Trick You Into Gambling More?

The House wins every time. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. So, how do casinos still rake in your hard-earned money to the tune of more than $200 billion per year? All casino owners have a big book of tricks they integrate into their casinos to ensure that you’re spending the most time and spending the most money possible. Most of these tricks are psychological; meaning they’re intended for you to not notice. If you’re an avid gambler, learning these tricks can help you recognize them and understand what factors you’re at odds with. Being above a casino’s trickery could help you walk out with more money than when you walked in. So, what are these tricks? Let’s dive in. Giving You the Feeling of Control Casinos excel at giving you the feeling like you’re in control of the game, even when you’re not. Games like blackjack, craps, roulette, video poker and others are all geared to … Read more

Top 10 U.S Lottery Jackpot Records

Dreams do come true. Not often, but sometimes. The stories of banking on winning the jackpot and the tales between you and your friends of what you’d do with the money if you won are timeless. The lottery has been ingrained in the culture of the U.S. for decades. While the stories run rampant, most don’t ever end up winning any sort of large sum of money. However, there are a lucky few who have broken down the barriers of myth and fantasy and struck gold by receiving some of the largest sums of money awarded to anyone, ever. The Top 10 U.S lottery jackpot records are the finest example of those who made it big and won something most of us will only dream about. These records made news headlines all over the globe when they occurred. The winners have etched themselves in history as some of the luckiest people the world will ever know. So, what are the … Read more

How To Play Mega Millions?

The Mega Millions jackpot starts at $40 million and offers a second prize of $1,000,000. The large payout is the one of the main reasons that people continue to play Mega Millions, even though this lottery game has fluctuated in popularity over the years. You can also boost your non-jackpot prizes up to five times by adding Megaplier to your game. Every Mega Millions playslip lets you play a total of five times for each drawing at $2 a play. To play the game, you select five numbers ranging from one to 70. You select the numbers in the white play area of the slip. Or, you can select a Quik Pik, which allows the computer to choose your numbers along with one Mega Ball number, ranging from 1 to 25. The Mega Ball numbers go in the play area. You can also choose the Quik Pik and allow the computer to select your Mega Ball number. Every play will … Read more