Honest Review:

This site is well-known for giving gamers a comprehensive set of betting services, though there is a strong emphasis placed on sports betting specifically. There are other games available, which seems to be enjoyed by the 4.6 million customers who frequent the site.

Key Features


The design of this site is one of its strengths. It is very easy to use and really easy to navigate. I found that I could get to wherever I needed to on the site without much assistance or confusion. It is a pretty intuitive design, which I really liked.

Great Customer Service

This is a huge plus for the site. The customer service is really second to none. The contact tab is right on the home page of the website where you can easily locate it. You can ask a question right there or report an issue you might be having technically. The only drawback is that you shouldn’t expect a response back right away. It functions more as a contact form than a live chat.

Good range of Sports

There is a really good range of sports covered on the site. All of them are listed right on the left side of the betting page so they are really easy to find. I found that football, esports games, and winter sports are some of the top choices.


There is plenty of security for customers on the site. It uses a secure SSL connection that transmits anything related to player data. Browsers that are popular for use with the site include Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox so I wasn’t limited in choices there.

I always felt like my information was protected when using this site.

Noteworthy Weaknesses

Mobile Site

The mobile version of the site is only available to British players. So, if you are playing from anywhere else in the world, you are just basically out of luck.

No Promotions

There are absolutely no promotions or bonuses available on this site which is a huge weakness, especially since it competes with sites that offer great bonuses.


  • Plenty of sports options
  • Great security for players
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy-to-navigate website design


  • Absolutely no promotions
  • No mobile site for anyone but British players
  • No real live chat option