Online gambling can be frightening to someone who has never done it before. You might be worried about how safe your money is or if the games are rigged. How do you know if you are actually playing against real people or a computer that is designed to just take all of your money? If you have never gambled online, you might be filled with questions. is a safe and secure website for all your gambling needs. They offer a live section to the website that will allow you to chat with real people, and you can play on your own or against a computer if you like. The experience is really up to you. The options are endless.

They also offer a large selection of games. There might even be some that you like better than the ones at your local casino. Get the experience you have been missing from the comfort of your own living room.

Key Features

Promotions offers promotions to new users. They also offer promotions to member every day. This will allow you to play more and possibly win more as well. They aren’t the only online casino that offers promotions, but they do offer quite a lot more than other websites.

Online Gaming, Online Betting

The amount of games they offer is endless. They have something for every gambler. It doesn’t matter if you want to play against other online users or by yourself, there is a game for you. There is even more laid back slot play for those of us who just want to relax after a long day.

If you are more of a betting man, or woman, offers this as well. You can play a bet on an upcoming game right on their website, no extra hassle. They really do have something to offer for everyone.

Noteworthy Weaknesses

Less Payment Options.

This isn’t a large drawback, but it will inconvenience some. There are not that many different payment options. If you don’t want to put your card information directly into the website, you’ll have to make a Paypal account as it is the only other option to pay.


  • Promotions
  • Live & Arcade games
  • Provides a safe way to pay


  • Not a lot of payment options