LottoKings: The Real Review

You might have already been familiar with That site transitioned to Lotto Kings, which brings you an even better gaming experience, at least in my opinion.

You’ll find 19 international lotteries on the website, along with a variety of current lottery results. If you are lucky enough to win using the site, you’ll get your winnings quickly and pretty easily. Anything under $600 is automatically sent. Anything over that amount gets a bit more complicated but follows standard rules for lottery winnings.

This is a really well-known provider, so I felt pretty at ease using the site overall. In addition, there were some really unique features I haven’t found elsewhere.

Key Features


This site is really easy to use. It took me no time at all to navigate around the website and find exactly what I needed. It is intuitive, so I didn’t really need to think about how to find things. There are some really huge lottery winnings available along with some others that are really more just for fun.

Set an Alert Feature

This is a great, and unique, feature of the site. Basically, I could set an alert on certain lotteries so that I could be notified when there was an update on that game’s results or when I wanted a reminder on its jackpot. It was just a nice way of not having to remember to return to check results.

Opting Out

I loved this feature and it is rare on similar sites. It is possible to simply opt out of any subscription play. All that is needed is notification, at any time. For any amount not played as part of the subscription, a refund is made.

Live Chat

I think this should be standard on all gaming sites, but surprising it isn’t. LottoKings does offer a live chat option, though. So, I was able to ask any questions I wanted and get a near-immediate response. They also have an online form and email address you can use, as well as regular mail. There is no phone number.

Noteworthy Weaknesses


I didn’t like that I have to take a minimum number of entries, depending on the lottery I wanted to play.


  • Great customer service
  • Wide variety of lotteries available
  • Feature to opt out
  • Set an alert feature


  • Requires minimums