MultiLotto: A New Way to Game

There seems to be an ever-growing number of online lottery providers available. It can get overwhelming trying to find the best, or to at least know who is reliable.

I was pleasantly surprised with my experience at MultiLotto. The site is very easy to use and its possible to play different lottery games from all over the world. Its accessible through a computer and bets can be placed on different casino games and lotteries.

I could register with very easily and the process is pretty standard and straightforward. I was pleasantly surprised to see that while logging in, it was clearly outlined that my information would not be shared with any third parties. Once registered, I simply entered my credit card information and could immediately start buying lottery tickets online.

Key Features


While MultiLotto isn’t available in the United States and a few other places, that seems to be its only real accessibility issue. It is offered in 18 different currencies and languages. Accessibility is a huge strength for the site.


Unlike several other similar sites, MultiLotto offers a ‘Shop’. I found some interesting items advertised in the shop. Overall, it is a really interesting page and definitely enticed me to play bigger than I normally would.


This was a big win for me. MultiLotto doesn’t share users’ personal information with any third parties.

Noteworthy Weaknesses


It can be pretty annoying to be greeted with advertisements on the homepage, but that is what you can expect. I found it to be extremely frustrating. It didn’t take away from the positives, but it was certainly annoying.

No Live Chat

I didn’t like that there was no live chat option. This seems antiquated, given the popularity of the feature on other sites. You have to use email, a phone number or online form for all communications. This just takes too long.

Limited FAQ’s

There also isn’t a good spot to find the answers to frequently asked questions. There is an FAQ page, but it is quite limited. If I did have questions to ask, I wouldn’t have likely found them on the FAQ page and I also would have had a hard time getting in touch with someone since there is no live chat option.


  • Various games offered
  • Information isn’t shared with third parties
  • Large accessibility
  • User-friendly website


  • Not available in the United States, Sudan, Iran, Cuba, Syria or North Korea
  • Advertisements
  • No live chat option